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Highland Council has a duty to ensure that information regarding Additional Support for Learning is made available to parents, professionals and young people. To this end the Information sheets, produced by Highland Council and CHIP+ have been updated. A copy of these is available below.



Yesterday we were delighted to welcome Donna Laing (representing the Orin and Olivia charity) and Margaret Ross (representing the local branch of Macmillan Cancer Support) to the school to receive their cheques following our Coffee Afternoon last week. Each charity was presented with £250 which we are very proud to have been able to achieve. Thank you again to everyone who supported us in a variety of waysIMG_2881.

Comparing World Climates

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P5-7 have been comparing Inverness with a city elsewhere in the World with a different climate. Today in class we shared our homework and had time to ask questions.

Measuring wind speeds

As part of our weather project, P5-7 made their own Anemometers so that the wind speed could be measured in the playground. It was amazing to see the different wind speeds in different areas!

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County Sports

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Thank you to all the pupils, team and supporters, who came to school early on Tuesday so that we could participate in the County Sports in Dingwall. We had a great time, and every pupil was a credit to the school through their excellent behaviour and good sportsmanship.

Swimming Gala


Well done and thank you to the pupils who represented the school at the Swimming Gala in Dingwall this week. They worked incredibly hard in their individual races and were a great support to each other as a team.

My Friend Selma

Primary 4-7 were lucky to have a drama performance today called My Friend Selma. It told us the story of Selma, a Bosnian refugee who came to Britain to live. Selma made a best friend Vickie, who helped her to settle into Britain and learn English. The pair got up to lots of mischief too! At the end of the performance, we found out that Vickie was actually the person telling us the story!

After the performance, Vickie had a little museum of information for us to look at. We found out lots more about the story, including information about Selma’s journey, stories of some other refugees that came to Britain and information about Bosnia (including some Bosnian songs!). There was also a Wishing Tree where we could hang messages for refugees who come to Britain/Scotland today.

If you would like to read more about My Friend Selma, visit the webpage http://www.myfriendselma.com/

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